Make Me Whole (Review)

Make Me Whole is an extremely touching novella with a second chance romance that really tore at my heart strings. Even though I wasn’t able to spend as much time as a novel would allow with the characters, the romance was highly believable, and the characters were truly deep. They all felt real whether they were side characters or the main characters; I felt like they were real people and teared up whenever something bad happened (to anyone).

Westhaven may not be the most beautiful location for such a stunning romance — it’s dreary, rains all the time, and is currently plague invested — but Tiffany Roberts really managed to capture the beauty deep inside (something that seems to be a trend for everything they write). Somehow, the beauty of the past merged into the present as I fell in love with Quildor and Wren’s hometown. I didn’t want to leave and found myself unrealistically attached to their dream. It was so small, so innocent, and so warm…

This book does an amazing job interesting me not only in Tiffany Roberts’ writing (as the style is captivating and lovely) but also in The Isle of the Forgotten Series. It’s very clear at the end of this book that there is more to come, and the mystery of it has me wishing Make Me Yours was already available.

So much was captured in such a short time. I’m really going to miss Quil and Wren, but I look forward to seeing their cameos in the future.

5/5* Without a doubt. ❤


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