Red Blood (Review)

Emma Hamm does it again! I was on the edge of my seat during this entire novel. I simply couldn’t get enough of it. Getting to dig deeper into Lyra’s story seems to open up so much more about the world and the situation at hand. The creatures shown and the places explored are so vibrant and realistic that it really feels like falling into an incredible and diverse realm.

Lyra is a Siren who happens to be more of a ticking time bomb than the rest of her species. Her past is rickety, and her future is uncertain. She’s vain and selfish, but there’s clearly so much more to who she is. She’s truly the life of the party with confidence to spare (despite her height)! I absolutely adored her.

The Graverobber is not a pretty man…or at least that’s what some of the description leads you to believe. However, I completely fell in love with him. While Burke might be physically more attractive, I found that Graverobber had me swooning twice as much. He was well developed and completely…magical.

This novel very strongly makes me anticipate Jasper’s story. Lyra and Jasper are so close that it was impossible to avoid seeing the hints at his past and future inside the text. The epilogue only does further to make me wish Blue Blood were already available. The connection between Lyra and all her teammates is heart warming as we see that a Siren can care about more than, well, sparkles.

Every aspect was incredible. Not a single chirp was out of place. 5/5* ❤


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