Silver Blood (Review)

I have been looking everywhere for stories that, quite simply, have it all. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve found it in Emma Hamm’s novels. The characters are well rounded, highly entertaining, and painstakingly described to perfection. The life that they live bursts forth through the text and takes the reader on an adventure through Juice Bars, clubs, villain HQs, and so much more, all with upbeat and quirky narration.

The plot is well thought out, utilizing what fantasy and sci-fi provide that make fantasy and sci-fi worth reading. The tension and thrill make this novel impossible to put down at points while the romance slipped in between tugs on the heart strings with impressive might. It’s so easy to root for the characters and get fully involved in the realism displayed as the reader tumbles further and further into the insanity.

Needless to say, my world will be Pitch black until I’m able to read book two. 😉

Fantastically done. Highly recommend it to everyone. 5/5*


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