Blue Blood (Review)

This book changes everything. Everything that was established in the first two books is given new life and new meaning in Blue Blood. The twists and turns and surprises of this novel were overwhelming, sometimes forcing me to put the book aside and just give my mind a moment to process what had just occurred. Unlike the other books, this one seemed to open up a completely different universe in the world. While Silver Blood played in the city (and the city is still present) and Red Blood played in the underground (sadly, less present), this novel takes the reader on a journey through forests.
Magical forests.
Throughout the other books, I had already fallen in love with Jasper’s character. He’s such a giant sweetheart. A silent giant sweetheart who really deserved his own story. I had wished for more information on his backstory, but that is surely my mind having adjusted to the pattern of flashbacks in Red Blood. Simply put: I wanted to know everything about him even though that is never meant to be. He’s my lovely, large, Lion. And I adore him. He’s the type of person who you just want to hug. And he’s also the type of person who generally likes everyone he meets and would be willing to dish out such hugs. While not without his flaws (he’s a muscle head with a temper, for sure), he also has wonderful traits that balance him out terrifically.
While Jasper is fantastic, his headvoice is what sold me on this one. Bluebell is a bubbly female creature who lives inside the head of a very large man. Despite Emma Hamm’s intention of clearly making their whole symbiosis a joke, she didn’t waste the absolute ‘aw’ factor that could be slipped in between them. Bluebell isn’t just the annoying voice in his head; she’s Jasper’s child.
Mercy… Mercy is a whole different story, which is appropriate. She’s a creature on a different level. Her past has nearly broken her, but I love that it hasn’t. She’s a tough, independent woman with a harsh way of dealing with her problems. She’s kind at her core, but her core is surrounded by walls of fire and burning carcasses. She’s a wild thing who wants, more than anything, to be truly free. Which is difficult when she is constantly harming people by being herself. The progression of her character and the jolting surprises that were thrown at me or revealed through her were wonderful. I found her extremely fun to root for and extremely unpredictable.
Likewise with Jasper’s headvoice, Mercy’s also enhances who she is and makes her just that much better. Ignes was fantastic from the second I saw him. He’s got a character that puts him right next to Pitch and Wolfgang when it comes to my favorites. Well, favorite males. (E is my favorite…thing.) Ignes has so many sides to him. While he is still a child, his immaturity shines through in his innocent actions, truly making me feel protective of him. While he is an old man in our way of thinking, his maturity made me fall in love. Once again like with Jasper and Bluebell, they are better when they are together. The care between Mercy and Ignes is tangible. Every sliver of a relationship in this book hooked me. Even the ones that didn’t last until the end or only managed a tiny bit of a chapter. The connections were created flawlessly with lots of heart.
Blue Blood was a wild ride that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves forests as much as I do.
If you have any doubts: There are Giants. There are villains who call water a ‘plebeian beverage’.
Oh, and there’s Pitch. Lots of Pitch. Pitch’s Epilogue. Pitch’s club. Pitch’s house.
Buy this book and love it. If nothing else, do it for Pitch. ❤

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