The Druid’s Gift (Review)

This book wastes no time pulling a reader into the action. Not even ten pages go by before everything the reader and our leading lady, Nune, know spin out of proportion. The journey from then on is one that melted my heart and kept building mystery down to the very last page. There is absolutely … Continue reading The Druid’s Gift (Review)


Touched by Death (Review)

For those who have read Singing Fire...this is better. And Singing Fire was _amazing_, so that's saying something. I am astonished and thrilled with the growth I've seen between this book and T. L.'s debut novel. The writing style is smooth and captivating, pulling you in with a mixture of stellar description and a vocal … Continue reading Touched by Death (Review)

The Dryad (Review)

This was a very sweet tale about growing up and finding one's way in the world. Julian, the caring and sensitive male lead, lives on a farm with his mother, father, and two older brothers. As he is the baby of the family, he struggles with balancing the pressures his father puts on him and … Continue reading The Dryad (Review)

Blue Blood (Review)

This book changes everything. Everything that was established in the first two books is given new life and new meaning in Blue Blood. The twists and turns and surprises of this novel were overwhelming, sometimes forcing me to put the book aside and just give my mind a moment to process what had just occurred. … Continue reading Blue Blood (Review)

Make Me Yours (Review)

Let me start this out by saying I am still in shock over what occurred in this novel. A running theme throughout this series has been focused a lot on the dark and light within the 'dark' and the 'light'. This novel takes that deeper as Tiffany Roberts decides to see just what happens when … Continue reading Make Me Yours (Review)