Sarah is really great! I think my situation may be different from others as she approached me. She doesn’t normally do that and I don’t normally reply to unsolicited messages, but I did. And I’m extremely glad I did. Sarah went right to work on my book and helped me to see so many things … Continue reading A.W.Graybill



We were referred to Sarah by a fellow author friend when our editor passed away unexpectedly, and when we contacted her, she quickly picked us up. She enjoyed our style of writing and the story we were telling and we connected with her instantly. Her emails were a joy to receive and she worked quickly … Continue reading Tiffany Roberts

Tiffany Roberts

Man... I hardly know where to begin. To say I am fortunate in discovering this hidden gem of an editor/beta reader/Wonder Woman would be a devastating understatement. Since that very first impossibly detailed, exceedingly efficient, and surprisingly entertaining email I received from her, I just knew I'd lucked out. It's tough writing a book. And … Continue reading T. L. Martin

T. L. Martin

If you're looking for an editor, there is no one else I would suggest than Sarah. I always have a difficult time finding someone who I trust actively looking over my book. There are many people who will look for grammar issues. There are others who will look for story elements. Some will just give … Continue reading Emma Hamm

Emma Hamm

If Sarah Collingwood enjoys helping authors make their work the very best it can be, I suggest she hang out her editing shingle. I’m so pleased with the amazing service she provided as my BETA reader. Her insightful observations were garnished with her keen eye when correcting MANY grammatical errors. Her style of commenting chapter … Continue reading Sherelle Wallace

Sherelle Wallace

Fellow authors will agree that a good beta reader is nearly impossible to come by. Those of Sarah's caliber are gems that one finds unexpectedly and must respect for their rarity. Sarah is probably one of the best I've ever used in terms of both her professionalism and thoroughness. Knowing her reactions as she worked … Continue reading Lacy St. Sin

Lacy St. Sin

Sarah's reviews have been incredibly helpful to me. She has great story instincts and has made me think about some of the story choices I've made. I've also found her to be very enthusiastic about my project which has made me look forward to her reviews and comments. Since I am releasing my story on … Continue reading Jordan


Ok, so I was very skeptical before sending my books for edit, the usual reasons of a writer being: WILL I BE ABLE TO DIGEST THE CRITICS??? However, I have to admit, working with Sarah has been pure pleasure. She's a professional through and through, and she picks up meticulous details about my grammar. Something … Continue reading Razia Sultana

Razia Sultana

In my short writing career, I've had my fair share of beta readers, but none of them were near as professional and enthusiastic as Sarah was. She helped me beyond belief, not only with grammar and sentence structure but also with pointing out exactly what was good on my MS and what needed some tweaking. … Continue reading C. M. Anders

C. M. Anders