Sarah is really great! I think my situation may be different from others as she approached me. She doesn’t normally do that and I don’t normally reply to unsolicited messages, but I did. And I’m extremely glad I did. Sarah went right to work on my book and helped me to see so many things I had been doing wrong. She helped to point out character and story flaws that three other readers missed. To say I’ve learned a little from her is an understatement. Sarah is very positive and upbeat but isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks. Grant it, she does so from a critique stance and not without reason.

To add on to this, the relationship she forges with her authors is wonderful. This isn’t just with me, I’ve seen it with other people. She’s a kindhearted woman who understood instances where I had a hard time working, due to anxiety or other issues. She took the time to understand more than just my writing. I’d recommend her to first time authors, especially those who are nervous and afraid to approach anyone. It’s been a good partnership for me and I have no doubt others would have a similar positive experience.



We were referred to Sarah by a fellow author friend when our editor passed away unexpectedly, and when we contacted her, she quickly picked us up. She enjoyed our style of writing and the story we were telling and we connected with her instantly. Her emails were a joy to receive and she worked quickly and efficiently, providing us honest feedback and suggestions. Her thoroughness is only surpassed by her enthusiasm. She dove into our work almost ravenously.
Her willingness to discuss proposed changes, be they grammatical or story-related, creates a collaborative atmosphere that certainly propels the process in the right direction. Not only does she point out spots needing correction, but she also comments on what she feels works – a lot of positive reinforcement where it’s due. She also has a keen eye for making sure terminology and proper nouns in your story remain consistent.
If you’re on the market for an editor, we highly recommend Sarah. She’s an absolute joy to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her.

Tiffany Roberts

Man… I hardly know where to begin. To say I am fortunate in discovering this hidden gem of an editor/beta reader/Wonder Woman would be a devastating understatement.

Since that very first impossibly detailed, exceedingly efficient, and surprisingly entertaining email I received from her, I just knew I’d lucked out.

It’s tough writing a book. And when it’s finally completed, all of your heart and soul and (in my case) sleep deprived nights poured into 90,000 words, you don’t up and give such a treasured piece of yourself to just anyone. You need to know you are in the best hands possible. Someone who will somehow execute that perfect balance of being an expert critic and a devoted reader. Someone who will pretty much convince you by her brilliant words alone that she has magically managed to dive into your book and is sitting smack in the middle of it, right alongside your characters.

The good, the bad and the ugly– you will get it all. But from a sharp eye and a masterful professional.

I know, I know: It sounds impossible. Even after receiving that first email from her, and that second, and third, I thought to myself, “Okay, okay. But she can’t be THIS good the whole way through.”

I was wrong.

Needless to say, I’ve decided to hire her for more. As I will again, and again, and again. Yup. She is stuck with me. (Sorry, Sarah.)

T. L. Martin

If you’re looking for an editor, there is no one else I would suggest than Sarah.

I always have a difficult time finding someone who I trust actively looking over my book. There are many people who will look for grammar issues. There are others who will look for story elements. Some will just give you their general opinion of your work with a few tidbits and move on. Sarah does all of these things and more. She’s thoughtful, she’s extremely precise, and she makes certain that you know exactly what a reader will be thinking.

Often in her editing of my third novel, she would mention “I don’t think this character would say that”. I cannot stress how incredibly helpful that is to have someone tell you. She’s not just an editor but an avid reader who delves into your books and gives you honest opinions. She doesn’t hold back, like so many do, in fear that she might insult you. Every note is thoughtful and integral to making your work the best that it can be.

If I had to describe my experience with her as my editor in a single word, I would have to say “immeasurable”. I find myself to be incredibly lucky that Sarah somehow found my cry for help on the internet and was interested enough to take on the massive undertaking my books tend to be.

5 stars all the way around, and truly worth every minute of working with her. I will recommend her to all my author friends and cannot wait to continue working with Sarah.

Emma Hamm

If Sarah Collingwood enjoys helping authors make their work the very best it can be, I suggest she hang out her editing shingle. I’m so pleased with the amazing service she provided as my BETA reader. Her insightful observations were garnished with her keen eye when correcting MANY grammatical errors. Her style of commenting chapter by chapter makes it so easy for a writer to go back into the work and make changes. And what a rare pleasure to be informed of what a reader is feeling as she takes the journey into a world that I have created. Having seen Sarah’s work as a writer, and being thrilled by her storytelling skills, I’m confident that she is a true lover of words. She’s creative, encouraging, prompt, erudite, and professional. I hope to work with her again. Thanks so much, Sarah Collingwood! 

Sherelle Wallace

Fellow authors will agree that a good beta reader is nearly impossible to come by. Those of Sarah’s caliber are gems that one finds unexpectedly and must respect for their rarity.

Sarah is probably one of the best I’ve ever used in terms of both her professionalism and thoroughness. Knowing her reactions as she worked through my manuscript gave me invaluable insight into my piece and, I believe, has improved it beyond measure. She works by chapter leaving both comments on google docs so that the author might see them ingrained with the piece, as well as a written review of her thoughts, the problems she has encountered and the things she enjoyed.

If you are lucky enough to deal with this beta reader be aware that you will not likely find another that is so committed to helping you. I highly recommend her services to those aiming to honestly improve their work.

Lacy St. Sin

Sarah’s reviews have been incredibly helpful to me. She has great story instincts and has made me think about some of the story choices I’ve made. I’ve also found her to be very enthusiastic about my project which has made me look forward to her reviews and comments. Since I am releasing my story on Wattpad chapter by chapter, I find that I’m curious to hear what she’ll say once a new one is released. She’s meticulous and thoughtful, and also encouraging. I would recommend her services to anyone! 


Ok, so I was very skeptical before sending my books for edit, the usual reasons of a writer being: WILL I BE ABLE TO DIGEST THE CRITICS???

However, I have to admit, working with Sarah has been pure pleasure. She’s a professional through and through, and she picks up meticulous details about my grammar. Something I can vouch for, because I discovered the same mistakes in parallel.

This being said, I would also like to add that I actually enjoyed her comments even though they were serious critiques. She has an innate way with words that pushes you to improve yourself instead of feeling bad about the negative comments. This was the thing I feared the most because I’m very protective of my books. I’m sure most of you could relate.

I reserved the best for the last, Sarah also reviews the plus points in your book, something which gave me goosebumps but also allowed me to understand my strong points.

All in all, it was a very pleasurable experience, and I would definitely want her to review my other books.

Razia Sultana

In my short writing career, I’ve had my fair share of beta readers, but none of them were near as professional and enthusiastic as Sarah was. She helped me beyond belief, not only with grammar and sentence structure but also with pointing out exactly what was good on my MS and what needed some tweaking. She is an amazing, passionate reader with a high level ability for writing and editing. If you have the rare opportunity to work with such a talented writing partner, take it at once! She is by far the best out there, believe me. 
If my novel ever gets published is because of her. Thank you so much Sarah for all your help!

C. M. Anders