If you’re looking for an editor, there is no one else I would suggest than Sarah.

I always have a difficult time finding someone who I trust actively looking over my book. There are many people who will look for grammar issues. There are others who will look for story elements. Some will just give you their general opinion of your work with a few tidbits and move on. Sarah does all of these things and more. She’s thoughtful, she’s extremely precise, and she makes certain that you know exactly what a reader will be thinking.

Often in her editing of my third novel, she would mention “I don’t think this character would say that”. I cannot stress how incredibly helpful that is to have someone tell you. She’s not just an editor but an avid reader who delves into your books and gives you honest opinions. She doesn’t hold back, like so many do, in fear that she might insult you. Every note is thoughtful and integral to making your work the best that it can be.

If I had to describe my experience with her as my editor in a single word, I would have to say “immeasurable”. I find myself to be incredibly lucky that Sarah somehow found my cry for help on the internet and was interested enough to take on the massive undertaking my books tend to be.

5 stars all the way around, and truly worth every minute of working with her. I will recommend her to all my author friends and cannot wait to continue working with Sarah.


Emma Hamm