If Sarah Collingwood enjoys helping authors make their work the very best it can be, I suggest she hang out her editing shingle. I’m so pleased with the amazing service she provided as my BETA reader. Her insightful observations were garnished with her keen eye when correcting MANY grammatical errors. Her style of commenting chapter by chapter makes it so easy for a writer to go back into the work and make changes. And what a rare pleasure to be informed of what a reader is feeling as she takes the journey into a world that I have created. Having seen Sarah’s work as a writer, and being thrilled by her storytelling skills, I’m confident that she is a true lover of words. She’s creative, encouraging, prompt, erudite, and professional. I hope to work with her again. Thanks so much, Sarah Collingwood! 

Sherelle Wallace

Sarah’s reviews have been incredibly helpful to me. She has great story instincts and has made me think about some of the story choices I’ve made. I’ve also found her to be very enthusiastic about my project which has made me look forward to her reviews and comments. Since I am releasing my story on Wattpad chapter by chapter, I find that I’m curious to hear what she’ll say once a new one is released. She’s meticulous and thoughtful, and also encouraging. I would recommend her services to anyone!